Motorola walkie talkies are regarded as some of the best in the world, right? After all, they come from a fantastic telecom manufacturer. This means that if you want a quality walkie talkie that will last you years and years, then you need to buy into the Motorola system. The problem is that buying something like a 20 mile radius walkie talkie nowadays is difficult. They aren’t as popular as they used to be. As a result, they can be difficult to track down. Particularly when it comes to higher-end Motorola walkie talkies. Thankfully, we have the perfect place to buy them from!

Our Favorite Place To Buy Motorola Walkie Talkies? Amazon!

Alright. We know that you have probably heard of Amazon. They probably do not need any introduction. However, Amazon will always be the answer that we give when people ask ‘where to buy Motorola walkie talkies?’. We will talk about a few of the reasons in a short while.

Amazon is one of the most reputable eCommerce companies in the world. They have a whopping number of products in stock. Take the Motorola RMU2040, for instance. This is regarded as the best commercial walkie talkie on the market. Amazon have it in stock. In fact, they have multiple ones in stock from various third party companies too. They even have a whole host of accessories that you can sink your teeth into too.

Depth of Stock

We understand that if you are looking for a Motorola radio, you are going to be looking for something like the Motorola RMU2040. We have reviewed this product a lot in the past, and we know that it is easily one of the best ones that money can buy. Of course, there are other Motorola products too. Some of them may suit your needs a little bit better.

One of the major advantages of shopping at Amazon is the fact that they do the complete range of Motorola radios. In fact, they even have ones that have long since been discontinued. So, while we would recommend that you do pick up the Motorola RMU2040 if you can, you can always browse through the site to find a different one that may suit your needs a little bit better.

As we said; this site isn’t just limited to buying the actual walkie talkies either. If you can imagine an accessory for your Motorola walkie talkie, then Amazon is going to have it in stock. In fact, they may even have a few spare parts for your radio too. However, do bear in mind that this is one of the downsides of Amazon. If you are there and you don’t know what sort of spare part you want, you don’t really have any idea as to whether you are buying the right thing or not. You just need to guess…which can get quite expensive.

Motorola Walkie Talkies


Want to know one of the benefits of being a massive retailer like Amazon? Well, it means that they are able to buy in products for a ridiculously low price. They also have razor-thin margins on the products that they do sell. The result is the fact that Amazon boasts some of the lowest, if not the lowest, prices online for Motorola walkie talkies. Can’t knock that, can you?

The Delivery Speed

The delivery speed is brilliant. Once again, another major reason as to why you should be dealing with a company like Amazon. They have a fantastic logistics set-up in place. We are talking a few days delivery on most products they have in stock. If you live in a major town or city, then you may even be able to receive your product within a day or so with Amazon Prime. In fact, in some major cities, Amazon is rolling out same-day delivery on some products. As these two way radios are the best for retail stores, quick shipping for replacements and returns for product defects can help a lot. Unfortunately these benefits are missing with the major radio retailers out there. It’s also common practice for so-called ‘radio shops’ to dropship, meaning they have no direct control how fast the radio arrives at your doorstep.

Buyer Feedback

We know that you likely love our reviews here. Who wouldn’t? Of course, we are only able to approach the use of a radio from a few different directions. Since we talk about so many radios here, it is difficult to cover absolutely every single variation of what is a two way radio, how they’re used, their capabilities etc.. Nobody has that sort of time.

This is where Amazon reviews can come in incredibly useful. If you head on over to Amazon, you will see dozens and dozens of ‘real user’ reviews. While we would always recommend using our reviews as a starting guide for tracking down a Motorola radio (we are the professionals, after all), before you make your purchase, you can go through all of the user reviews. Find out the experience that other people have had with the radio. This will give you a little bit of an idea about whether Motorola is the best route for you to go down or not.

Back-Up Customer Support

Since Amazon is a general retailer, they aren’t going to be able to offer you technical advice on your Motorola RMU2040. Although, to be honest, you don’t need that much in the way of advice. This is a radio that is incredibly simple to use. It is why it comes highly recommended in business environments.

Of course, Amazon is going to be there to help you if your radio runs into any issues. While Motorola radios tend to have very little go wrong with them, you can’t always guarantee that they are going to run perfectly. A dodgy unit or two can slip through the cracks on occasion. Thankfully, if this happens, Amazon will have your back. We have found very few companies that offer the sort of customer support that Amazon does.


So, there you have it. If you want to know where to buy Motorola two-way radios like the Motorola RMU2040, then Amazon is, without a doubt, the best place to head. You have a strong range of products, fantastic delivery speed, and the prices are absolutely sublime. What more could you possibly want?