We wouldn’t award the Retevis RT22 for the best-looking walkie talkie in the world, but it does shine in many other areas. If you’re looking for a set of walkie talkies that come in a pack more than 2, this is our recommendation. Let’s have a look.

Our Top Pick for a Walkie Talkie Multipack

The Retevis RT22 might not be the most feature-packed walkie talkie you have ever seen and but it peaks a ton of value.

This is a six-pack of walkie talkies that has been designed for one job and one job only. That is to ensure that people can stay in touch while at work. While the range on them isn’t superb, if you are in the work environment and pretty close to one another (i.e. under a mile), then this is a fantastic option. In fact, this set is absolutely brimming with features that will ensure that the Retevis RT22 works well at just about any place of work.

Who Should Buy It

The Retevis RT22 is simple to use. You probably do not want to be spending hours and hours trying to teach people how to use a radio, right? There is nothing convoluted with this set. You flick it on, select your channel and talk. Simple as that. No menus to flick through. No choosing an individual frequency. You just turn it on and you are done. They work right out of the box. No configuration needed. You can also set the walkie talkies to privacy mode. This takes a bit of setup, but you only need to do it once.

This set is ideal for use on a smaller construction site or within a retail setting. It is completely dust-proof. This means that you do not have to worry about it getting a little bit dirty on occasion. It can cope. Obviously, we wouldn’t just go throw a ton of dust on it just because. It doesn’t work like that. It just means that in a normal working environment, the Retevis RT22 is going to continue to perform.

Battery Life

The battery should last long enough for a working day too. You can get up to 12-hours of talk time out of these babies. They also boast a lithium-ion battery, which means you can stick them on charge whenever you want. There is no need to worry about the memory effect on them. This is not something you normally get on a set of walkie talkies that is this cheap. All of the walkie talkies fit onto the same charger, so as long as everybody does their job and puts them back at the end of the day, then it is easy to keep them together! Oh, and the batteries are replaceable, so when they die on this walkie talkie, you can just pick up a new set and continue where you left off. Again, something you tend not to get on the cheaper products.

Audio Quality

If you want decent audio quality (who doesn’t?), this is a top of the line radio. The squelch function is fantastic at removing the interference, and the audio comes through crystal clear each and every time. In fact, the audio loudness can adjust based on the environment that you are in. The noisier the environment, the louder the audio will be. It is quite sophisticated and, of course, another reason why we would recommend a set like this for use on a construction site or similar working environment.

Walkie Talkie Multipack

Size & Portability

One part that we absolutely loved about the set is that these walkie talkies are so small. This is important. If you are doing your job, you probably do not want to have big and bulky bits of gear getting in your way, right? You just want something is there when you need it, but you aren’t going to notice it most of the time. Clip this to your belt, and it won’t get in the way. We know that a few compromises had to be made on the features level to get it this small, but there are no features missing that you would expect in a walkie talkie that can’t be found here.

Finally, the walkie talkie has an emergency mode. Again, ideal for the construction site. If there is an issue, you can just press a button and an emergency alert will be sent out to everybody else with one of the radios. Hopefully, they will come rushing to your aid. If they don’t, well at least it made a nice beep during your extremely perilous situation.


The Retevis RT22 operates in the UHF band and fits right between a two way radio vs walkie walkie. This means that it has been designed for peak performance indoors. While it can work outdoors, you have to remember that UHF doesn’t perform as well over long distances. This is a frequency that thrives indoors where there are lots of obstacles in the way. Therefore, if you are planning to take these out and about, we probably wouldn’t recommend them unless you are quite close to one another e.g. running an event. We certainly wouldn’t recommend them if you were walking through a forest. They just wouldn’t work right.

We want to say that the lack of some features is also a downside, although we are a little bit hesitant because this is hardly the most expensive product in the world, so it is fine to be lacking some features. However, it would have been fantastic if it gave you the opportunity to ‘call’ certain walkie talkies in the set. It would have made staying in touch at work so much easier. However, for now, if you want the more private conversations you still need to pick up a cellphone.


If you are looking for a fantastic multipack of walkie talkies for use at work or the jobsite, you’ll be hard pressed to find better – especially for the price. We hope this review was helpful in determining if this was the right product for you.