Does your two-way radio not quite offer you the range that you need? Tempted to buy a brand new radio? Well, hold your horses! There may actually be a cheaper way to boost your signal. It means that you can keep using the current radio that you have too. Let us introduce you to the BTECH AMP-U25 Amplifier.

What Does a Two Way Radio Signal Booster Actually Do?

Well, it boosts your output signal and increases the range at which you can hit with your transmissions. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to get transmissions from a longer distance away too. You could add a good couple of miles onto your range with this amplifier.

If you need to go from UHF to VHF or vice versa, or want to use the radio themselves to retransmits to get longer range then a two way radio repeater setup might benefit you more.

However, this amplifier it the simplest answer for anybody just looking for a signal boost. It can be added to your vehicle or put into your home or place of business. It is incredibly lightweight and portable, which means it isn’t going to be taking up a whopping amount of space either. Some people may actually switch the radio between several locations too. As long as you have a power supply you can connect it up to, then it all works!

Compatible With Multiple Radios

Generally speaking, when you are hunting down a two-way radio signal booster, you will find that it is tricky to find one that is right for your radio. Most of them will only say that they support a few radio types. This can be annoying, especially if you have a pretty basic radio.

Thankfully, this is not going to be an issue with the BTECH AMP-U25. You see, this amplifier works with any radio, as long as you meet these criteria:

  • Your radio works between 2W and 6W
  • Your radio is handheld
  • You have the relevant connector

So, no matter what radio you own, and it doesn’t matter how cheap it is, your radio is probably going to work with this. This is absolutely fantastic! Obviously, the effect is going to be different based upon the radio you connect up to the amplifier. For example; if you have an exceedingly cheap radio, then it is probably not going to work that well. After all, if the range is quite limited, you are only going to be able to boost it a little bit more.

Setup Is Simple

Setting up this radio is pretty simple. If you skip ahead, you will see that there are multiple amplification modes. However, this doesn’t matter that much. Just follow these instructions:

  • Plug in the amplifier to a mains powered source. This can be in a vehicle or in your home.
  • Connect your radio to the amplifier
  • Connect the amplifier to an antenna
  • Switch the system on and communicate

Seriously. It takes no more than 10-20 minutes to set-up. Maybe add 30 minutes onto this if you want to add some sort of radio stand into your vehicle. However, this is probably one of the simplest amplifiers we have ever seen. It has been designed for newbies.

A Two Way Radio Signal Booster

Clean Output Signals

Do people often comment that your radio transmissions are a little bit crackly? In fact, do you often find that the transmissions that you receive are a little bit crackly? Well, there is a pretty decent chance that this amplifier will work for you. Without getting too technical, there are special circuits packed into this bit of kit that can help to clean up any incoming and outgoing signals. You will actually be surprised at how much of an effect it can have. We have seen some pretty terrible radios made a little bit more useful when connected up to this amplifier. Although, of course, the better your radio is, the cleaner your signal is going to be anyway!

Multiple Amplification Modes

One of the things that we love about this radio is that there are multiple modes of operation. We won’t go into depth on them, because it can get a little bit complicated. It also doesn’t really matter, because at the end of the day your signal is going to be amplified. You just find an option that is perfect for you:

  • Radio-controlled
  • Accessory controlled
  • Amplifier controlled

A lot of people love the amplifier controlled option. There are a ton of options on the front of the amplifier to sort out your signal to get the most from it. However, if you are a fan of the radio that you currently have, and you know your way around it, then going down the radio-controlled option is the best route to go down. If you planning on leaving this set-up in place long-term, then maybe throwing a few accessories wouldn’t go amiss. However, do bear in mind that this method is a little bit more convoluted to set-up and you will need a ton more accessories, and that can set you back a decent chunk of change.

No Nonsense Bells & Whistles

One of the major downsides of picking up the BTech AMP-U25 amplifier is that you are not going to get an antenna included in the box. Yeah. We know that brand new antennas are going to be ridiculously affordable, but there should have been something included in the box. This amplifier can’t be used without one. In fact, if you use it without an antenna, then it will break.

On the positive side, at least you have free reign to pick up whatever antenna you want. As we said: they aren’t expensive. Of course, you also have the benefit of having something better than anything that would have been included in the box anyway.


The company behind this amp, Baofeng, specializes in the radio industry and has great support. If you are after a two-way radio signal booster that will work well with just about any radio that you pair it up with, then the BTECH AMP-U25 Amplifier is a fantastic bet. Just bear in mind that you will need to buy a separate radio antenna.