Hitting the slopes and want to keep in touch with your fellow skiers? Well, one of the best ways is with a quality two-way radio. After all, when you are right up there in the mountains, we can’t imagine that a cellphone is going to work that well. There aren’t that many towers up there, after all. So, what is the best two-way radio or skiing? Well, let us introduce you to the DeWalt DXFRS800.

Why the DXRS800 Is Our Top Two Way Radio for Skiing

In our search for what the best 2 way radios on the market are, we went through a ton of different two-way radios to determine which is would be the very best for skiing. We haven’t said that this is the best on a whim, we promise you that. We know that the vast majority of people will see DeWalt as a power tool company, but they do produce a fair number of electronics too.

The Range

The range of the DXRS800 is fantastic. Now, obviously, when you are out there on the slopes, you are going to have a ton of obstacles in the way. One of the true joys of this two-way radio is that it has been designed for that. This particular radio has been designed for interior use. In fact, it can get through 25 floors without any issues. This means that it should be fine dealing with obstacles on the slopes. Obviously, it is not going to be able to penetrate mountains and the like…but what radio can? This is designed for communicating with people in the near vicinity. On the slopes, you should be able to get a couple of miles range. This means it is perfect for chatting to people down the bottom while you are at the top.

Set of Two

This radio comes in a set of two most commonly. This makes it incredibly affordable. However, you are not just limited to two radios in the set. If you want, you can add a couple more DeWalts into the set-up. This way your whole skiing party can stay in touch. In fact, you are not even limited to DeWalt radios. As long as you can find other radios that operate on UHF, then you should be able to pair the DeWalt up with them. Although, do bear in mind that you may not be able to have private conversations if you do that.

Audio Quality Is Superb

If you are up there skiing in the mountains, then there is likely to be a lot of wind. This means that it can be difficult to communicate on the radio. Now, obviously, this radio can’t do anything about the wind. That won’t change. What it will do, however, is offer loud audio. This means that you will be able to hear people, no matter how hard that wind is blowing.

If you are chatting to somebody, then the radio will do its best to completely eradicate the sound of the wind from your audio. It isn’t going to be absolutely perfect, but it is going to come pretty close. Honestly, we have not found a clearer sounding radio for communicating on the slopes. Well, at least not at this price point.

It Is Well-Built

This is the main reason why we recommend this radio for skiing. It has been designed specifically for the construction site. Even with the highest rated two way radios, there are a lot of ways to break them on a building site. Thankfully, this ruggedness will pay off on the slopes.

For starters; this two way radio is completely waterproof. If you get caught in a snowstorm or even a little bit of rain, then this radio will continue to work. In fact, you could drop it in the snow and it will continue to work without any issues.

While we are on the subject of ‘dropping’, you will be pleased to know that you can drop this radio rather hard and it won’t break. In fact, it has been designed to fall from up to two meters high onto concrete without breaking. This means you won’t have any issues dropping it into a bit of snow…which you know is going to happen at some point because, inevitably, you will eventually fall over.

It is worth noting that there is a limited lifetime warranty on the DeWalt DXFRS800, although we are not quite sure it applies to be used while skiing. We see no reason why it shouldn’t be but bear in mind that this is technically a tool. DeWalt probably only will cover it if something happens on the construction site. Of course, you can always try, but we won’t make any promises!

Easy to Use

Finally; this radio is easy to use. There are only a few buttons on it, and it won’t take that long to become familiar with what the radio has to offer. In fact, you could pretty much just turn it on and know what is going on without any issues. Even connecting other radios into your set-up should be dead simple. Although, do bear in mind that there may be a little bit of fiddling around if those other radios are not DeWalt. This is because you need to put a bit of effort into getting the station frequencies synced up.

The Downsides

The major downside with the DXRS800 is that it isn’t going to be that secure if you just attach it to your belt clip while storming down the hill. The belt clip is a little bit too short for that. Therefore, our suggestion is to pick up a hands-free headset and stick the radio somewhere a bit safer. A pocket would do. The radio waves can still get through.


If you want a fantastic radio for skiing, then this is the best route to go down. It works flawlessly on the slopes. It is rugged so it can put up with a good couple of knocks. The price isn’t half bad either.