If you are cycling, unless you are trying to act like Mr Cool, you are going to need to have two hands on that bike at once. This means that you probably aren’t going to be able to hold a separate radio. Of course, on the longer bike rides, you probably do not want to be going without a radio for long periods of time, right? This means that you are going to need…something. We’ve scoured the options and are excited to share what we felt was the best option by a long shot; the FreedConn handsfree two ray radio for cycling. Let’s take a little look at it, shall we?

The Best Two Way Radio for Cycling is the FreedConn

The FreedConn is a two-way radio, although not the same two-way radio that you are familiar with. Perhaps the best way to describe this device is as an intercom. It allows you to communicate with the other radios in the set ONLY. Up to 3 headsets can be paired together. You will not be able to access any other radio channels with it, as it’s designed specifically for handfree communication with those you’re riding with.

It is so much more than a radio, though. Packed into this device is a Bluetooth connection that can ‘chat’ with your GPS or phone. This way you can use it as a headset when you are on the road, making it a great two way radio headset for motorcycles as well. Although, we are going to strictly focus on the benefits of this being a two-way radio here. However, just remember that it can do a whole lot more than what we are going to discuss.

Why The FreedConn Stands Out

This is a device that has been designed from the ‘ground-up’ for riders. It has actually been designed for those riding motorcycles, but you should have no issues cycling with it. In fact, we reckon it is going to work a lot better than if you were riding a motorbike.

As we said before; this device has been designed to communicate with the other device in the set. The radio frequency is fixed. Because the two pieces have been designed to work with one another, they sync up well. In fact, the audio quality is absolutely superb. These radios have been designed to work a maximum of 800 meters from one another. However, they can operate even if you are bombing along the road at 70 mph. They will not drop that connection. Obviously, you aren’t going to be cycling at 70 mph, so it is nice to know that no matter what speed you are traveling at, you can always keep in touch with the other rider.

Simple Design

Since there is no fiddling about with the radio frequencies on the FreedConn, it is nice and easy to get in touch with the other rider. In fact, all it takes is a quick push of the button on the side of the device. The other rider will be able to answer instantly. This is as hands-free as you are ever going to get with a two-way radio. This makes it perfect for cycling. You aren’t going to have to take your hands off of those handlebars for no more than a second or two.

While you won’t be looking at it all that often, there is a cool little LCD screen on the side of the device. This makes browsing through the menus an absolute doddle. This means getting your radio set up quickly is ridiculously easy. In fact, you can pair with the other device in mere seconds. This is perfect for cyclists who know that they need to keep in touch with the other rider, but they really don’t fancy trying to learn how to dabble with technology.

2 Way Radio for Cycling


Initial installation is dead simple too. Although, do bear in mind that you will need to attach part of the unit to your helmet. This will need to go on the outside of the helmet to ensure that the radio can maintain a good connection with the other device. Thankfully, the design of this two-way radio is quite sexy, so we doubt that many people are going to mind about this!

As we said before; you will also find a few other features packed into the device. This includes the ability to switch on FM radio so that you can listen to music, traffic and weather reports in the area. You will be surprised how useful this is going to come in during some of the longer trips on the road.


The FreedConn doesn’t work that well with similar radios from other brands. The software doesn’t seem to sync up properly. If you do have more than a 3 riders and you’ll be riding in groups, you would need multiple sets. You can easily change the group arrangements, which is limited to 3 headsets in each.

It is also a bit annoying that only two people can talk at the same time. You might have to wait to speak if 2 people are mid-conversation butit does help to keep the conversation clear. However, you must remember that this isn’t really a product designed for those who want a good chin wag while riding. It is for quick communication.

Last but not least, the battery life is worth mentioning. If you are talking all of the time, you will probably get a single day’s worth of riding out of it. This means that it probably isn’t going to be ideal for multiday trips unless you have some sort of battery bank type charger handy.


While there are a couple of downsides to the FreedConn intercom device, when it comes to the best two-way radio for cycling, this one sits right at the top of the pack. We can’t think of a single device that performs better when you need to keep your hands free while riding. We can’t even think of a simpler device to use. If you are planning on riding long distances and need to keep in touch with your other riders, then this is an absolute must buy.