The problem with finding walkie talkies for kids is that most of them are terrible. They barely have any range. They have almost constant interference, and they feel fairly cheap. Although, let’s be honest; some of this is to be expected. A children’s two way radio is sometimes even regarded to as a toy. It isn’t designed for consistent use. It isn’t designed for situations where perfect audio quality is a must. They are designed for kids who will play with them for a couple of weeks before tossing them in the cupboard or toy chest.

There are some children’s walkie talkies that try to buck the trend of being cheap though. This set below attempts to do this. In our opinion, they do a fantastic job too. We do want to point out that there is no model number for this walkie talkie set. For that reason, we are going to simply refer to them as ‘walkie talkies’ (original, we know). However, the rest of this page is going to focus on reviewing them.

Our Recommended Children’s Two Way Radio Bundle

  • 3 Radios in the Package
  • 22 Radio Channels
  • 3-Mile Range
  • Auto Squelch
  • Push to Talk Function
  • Supports one-to-one and one-to-many group communication

The Features

Let’s take a little look at these features in-depth and tell you exactly why they are so brilliant. We won’t talk about all of the previous features, just ones that we really think you would love to know about.

The 3-mile range on these walkie talkies is massive. With most children’s walkie talkies, you are barely able to crack a few dozen feet before you start to see a massive drop in audio quality. Go a little bit further, and the radio is going to completely cut off. While with these walkie talkies you can’t expect to get the full 3-mile distance (that is for absolutely perfect conditions), you should be able to get a good mile or two out of them. In all honesty, we think that this is probably one of the largest ranges that you can get on a set of walkie talkies like this.

We also love the fact that there are 22 channels available. Most other walkie talkies aimed at children tend to have 1 or 2 channels at the most. We suppose this is fine, but if you get a bit of interference (or somebody else is using that same radio frequency in the near area), then the walkie talkie is effectively useless. You can’t really contact anybody. We like that you can cycle through multiple channels. Plus, we are positive your kid is going to have a lot of fun with a feature like this.

Simple To Use

We love how easy it is to talk to people too. You have a channel scan option, which means your kids will always be able to keep an eye out for incoming broadcasts from the other walkie talkies. However, you also have a nifty ‘call’ button which allows you to call specific walkie talkies and be taken into a private conversation with them. This sort of feature is virtually unheard of on cheap walkie talkies like this.

When it comes to audio quality, this is a fantastic set of walkie talkies. Obviously, you can’t expect the same sort of quality that something 5-6x the price of these would offer, but for the price…oh my! The auto squelch function can’t be found on any other walkie talkies at this price range. In fact, it is so good that we would almost recommend these to adults if they were a tiny bit bigger. The audio quality is fine for the vast majority of situations.

Designed Specifically for Children

They are also incredibly ergonomic. They are quite small, which means they may not be able to fit that well in some older kids’ hands, but if your child is under the age of 8, we reckon these are going to fit them perfectly. The buttons are nice and easy to reach, and incredibly simple to push. Although, we have seen some reports of the youngest kids sometimes having a touch of difficulty pressing the ‘push to talk’ button. However, this isn’t a major issue. If you loosen it up for them first, then everything should go swimmingly.

Children's Two Way Radio

All in all, this set of walkie talkies has quite a lot going for it. Buy a set, give your kids them and they will be able to have hours of fun. They could even give one to their best friend (assuming they live close by), so they can chat whenever they want. So much more fun than picking up a cell phone, right?

The Downsides

Do you hate the environment? Well, this walkie talkie is perfect for you! It gets through batteries like there is no tomorrow. Seriously. If you leave these on all day (and you just know kids are going to do that), then the batteries (you need 3 of them) will be drained in 24-hours. Obviously, you can have some rechargeable batteries ready for whenever the batteries have been drained, but this is terribly inconvenient. We can’t work out why these walkie talkies are so power-hungry. We suppose that is just one of life’s great mysteries.

Of course, these are ‘bargain basement’ walkie talkies. All children’s products like this are. This means that they do feel a little bit cheap in the hands. We can’t imagine that they are going to last all that long if children start banging them around. It is a shame because nearly everything else this product has to offer is good.


While they do have a couple of downsides, that is to be expected of something that comes in at such a low price. If you want a quality set of walkie talkies for some kids, then you aren’t going to be able to do better than these. They function well, have a plethora of features and sound good. What more could you possibly want? Buy these and your children will love you (more than they do now!)