When we were thinking about the best 2-way radios for business, we started to think long and hard about what people would need in a radio if they were planning to use it in a commercial environment. After a lot of thinking, we came up with some criteria, and then we did our research. and we genuinely think that the Motorola RMU2040 is the best. Let’s look at why.


First and foremost; if you are using a radio in a business environment, then you need to ensure it is simple to use. Your staff has enough to worry about without fiddling around with countless buttons on their radio, right? If you look t a picture of the Motorola RMU2040, then you will see that there are barely any buttons on it. There isn’t even an LCD screen. It is designed to be simple.

Some people argue that it is a little bit too simple. While the radio has access to a ton of different channels to broadcast on, the radio can only use two of them at once. We do not see this as much of an issue, mostly because we only ever see a need to use two channels in most environments, but if you need more, then this radio is not for you. To access more, you will need to ‘program’ the radio, which isn’t too difficult.

This radio is for quick and easy communication in a business environment. Nothing more. It isn’t designed for intense radio use where you need highly sophisticated communications. Think along the lines of communicating with your retail staff.


Outdoors, you probably are not going to crack 2-miles range with your RMU2040. It simply isn’t built for outdoor use. Indoors? Oh boy. This baby is going to absolutely thrive inside.

We do not think we have seen a more powerful indoor radio. This is able to get through the thickest of walls without there being any sort of degradation in the audio quality. We do not think we have seen a single radio on the market that is able to even come a little bit close to this. It is amazing.

As long as you are not working in a skyscraper and need to communicate from the 1st floor to the 50th floor, these radios will work. We reckon the most that you will be able to get through is 20-floors, and this is fine.

Obviously, the range is highly important when it comes to buying radios for business because you do actually need to ensure that you can stay in touch with the people that work for you, right?

Sound Quality

Obviously, when you are at work, you do not really have time to slow down and actually try to work out what message has just been communicated to you. You want the audio to come through loud and clear right off the bat. This means your staff can take action right away. Honestly, we have used these radios extensively indoors, and we do not think we have encountered the slightest bit of interference. This just goes to show just how much effort Motorola have put into the design of their products. It shows why their radios are trusted by businesses all over the globe.


There is no sense in having a way to quickly communicate between your staff members if you can’t keep those conversations private, right? Well, the Motorola RMU2040 comes with privacy options, which means that nobody will be able to listen in to your communications. And, once again, sticking along the lines of simplicity, Motorola has made it simple for you to do all of this. In fact, it is pretty much ready to go out of the box. The only time that you will need to tinker with anything is if you are introducing new radios into your set-up, and this is something that is going to be dead simple for you to do too.

Build Quality

Your radios are going to be used a lot. Hours and hours every single day. Let’s be honest, as much as you beg your staff to treat the radios with care, they are probably not going to be doing that. This is why you need to ensure that whatever radio you end up picking up has been designed to be last.

A 2 Way Radio for Business

After playing about with the RMU2040, we seriously do not think there is anything that could break this radio (unless you deliberately tried to do it). In a normal working environment, these babies are going to be nigh on indestructible. We do not think we have seen a better-built business radio, to be honest.

Battery Quality and Charge Time

The battery is superb. It should easily last a full working day. The real thrill comes with the charge time, though. When you are running a business, you probably can’t afford to be having your radios charging 12+ hours at a time. You would need a ton of radios to ensure that your staff always have access to one that works. The Motorola RMU2040 takes between 2 to 3 hours to charge. This means that it is one of the fastest charging two-way radios in th world.


You have a growing business. This means that you will likely need to continue adding new radios into the mix. Thankfully, Motorola makes this dead simple to do. It is easy to get all of the radios to sync up, which means that your staff will be able to keep in touch with one another without too many issues. While you can introduce other brands of radio into the mix, we probably wouldn’t do that. The RMU2040 sounds fantastic, so why would you want to be using anything else?


If you want an awesome radio for business purposes, then check out the Motorola RMU2040 today. We promise you that this radio is going to be 100% worth checking out. It may be a bit on the expensive side, but you will not need to replace these for years and years.